Low Carbers & Carnivores having Heart Attacks & Strokes

"I had another Heart Attack this Tuesday ... had a Heart Attack and TWO Stents put in 6 months ago!! ... And got ANOTHER blocked Artery!@!! A THIRD stent! This is beyond frustrating did everything right. Went Keto, then Carnivore. .. My A1Cis UP! My Blood Glucose is UP!!! While CARNIVORE!!! WHAT the FU%&"*(*K???? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE????" (CarnivoreCringe)

"My blood sugar was 4.5 and my blood pressure around 120/80 so no concerns there ... So to summarize, I had the gold standard test and no blockages found, 1.5 years later on strict carnivore, full blown heart attack" (ApoE4 Forum)

"How the f*ck did I have three blocked arteries?? I fasted, ate low carb, cut seed oils, did cardio and weights at least 5x a week. End result…. My widow maker was 95% blocked?? thank the Lord I just happened to go to cardiologist after iwatch reported afib" (original X post no longer available)

"So sad, as I had a very close person to me die. They wanted to loose weight & went on an all meat diet, they lost weight but couldn’t keep it off. So they decided to go back to the carnivore only diet & stayed on it so long time, they ended having a heart attack" (X post)

"And telling you about my dad. No risk factors besides high LDL. Died from a heart attack at age 40. I mentioned that in Saladino’s page and you wouldn't believe the response. Calling me a liar. Saying it was the Covid vaccine (which is impossible because my dad died in 1997). Even someone saying it's more likely he was murdered than died of a heart attack because high LDL is a myth" (X post)

"I lost a good friend recently to LCHF guru criminality. He lost weight and thought it was great. Then died of a heart attack. Sad. Angry" (X post)

"I thought the same for 8 years on keto and carnivore but I just suffered a heart attack and a triple bypass. Three arteries supplying blood to my heart were at least 70% blocked. No, I'm NOT vax'ed. I don't know what to think any more" (X post)

"4 stents put in, two major blockages. Engaged with 5 cardiologist and cardiac surgeons while spending 48 hours in critical, cardiac care unit. Guess what, cholesterol matters, don’t listen to social media bro science…could cost you ur life" (X post no longer available)

"transferred to a neurological ICU at a regional hospital. MRI showed a small frontal lobe infarct (stroke), and dissecting carotid (more likely that atherosclerosis). But more disturbing was severe stenosis of proximal basilar artery. A blockage of that artery and you're a vegetable. I'm now on Eliquis and scared out of my wits" (X post)

"Same thing happened to me in 2019. My left carotid is completely occluded" (X post)

"BEWARE! I had to go into the hospital Thursday to have my 4th cardiac stent installed. No biggie. The "heart healthy" food they provided was unacceptable, loaded with carbs and crap. My son told me he would go get me a bacon and cheese omelette from iHOP. Blood sugar before eating was 98.2 hours was almost 140. WTF?" (CarnivoreCringe)

"Lost 100# on Keto, no exercise bc of leg injury. Then...heart attack at 1st of year...triple bypass" (X post)

"The carnivore diet is all meat like my Dad was. He died after his 4th heart attack at the ripe old age of 68. My oldest brother also died of a heart attack at the ripe old age of 68" (X post)

"More like 50 lbs. I had a hip surgery that went bad and was bed ridden for 3 months and couldn't exercise. Then had a heart attack and had to quit my low carb diet" (X post)

"The outcome based data from quality studies in humans proves them wrong. Just this morning, a low-carb buddy of mine survived a widowmaker heart attack. 90% blocked. Low carb can be good if you do it right. Ignore high ApoB at your own peril" (X post)

"It doesn’t matter your diet…..if you have high cholesterol, high LDL, high APoB, you better be aware of your risk….trust me I know. I’m 55, 6’1”, 180 pounds lean AF. Completely metabolic healthy, no inflammation and a CAC score of 19. Just had a heart attack last Friday…" (X post no longer available)

"And telling you about my dad. No risk factors besides high LDL. Died from a heart attack at age 40. I mentioned that in Saladino’s page and you wouldn't believe the response. Calling me a liar. Saying it was the Covid vaccine (which is impossible because my dad died in 1997). Even someone saying it's more likely he was murdered than died of a heart attack because high LDL is a myth" (X post)

"3 stents put in. Total is 5. Statins hurt me terribly. So not taking them. I eat a pound of ground beef near everyday. Cholesterol doesn't scare me" (CarnivoreCringe)

"I was very very similar to you. No stents but I had a balloon. I would be very interested to know your LP(a) level. I was 45 and lean" (X post)

"I was in one of the leading cardiology hospitals 8 weeks ago after a heart attack ... Amazing primary care but shocking carb/sugar based food" (X post)

"I lost 80lbs no carb, then had a heart attack so bad that I coded three times. Beware" (X post)

"Was on carnivore diet for 3 years..had a heart attack on June 5, 2023…3 stents .. am now on a low carb vegan diet with wild salmon" (X post)

"My triglycerides were spot on for 8 years doing low carb/keto/carnivore and I still had a heart attack and subsequent triple bypass" (X post)

"Generally the advice for lowering cholesterol is eating less meat and it seems to work. My dad does a no carb mostly meat diet and still had a stroke recently. I can't say that was the cause but I can say it doesn't fix everything" (X post)

"I did carnivore, keto and low carb. 4 years. My CAC score went up over 100%, I should have checked it earlier, my ApoB is very high and had a stroke in 1/2023. Saturated Fat causes CVD, diabetes and stroke. I am doing low fat and whole foods, meals at home" (X post)

"I have observed a high prevalence of stroke post pandemic. I had 1. Was an extremely active person and healthy was on a good diet. Half of the year that I had stroke I had been on a no carb diet. There are many factors that result in stroke and more than 1 type of stroke" (Xpost)

"A bodybuilder at my gym had a heart attack this summer at age 62. He was in amazing shape, looked unreal for his age. But he was a smoker for 30 years (he quit at 50), his diet was high in red meat and animal products. His LDL was 150. Widow maker. He survived it though" (X post)

"Having just had a heart attack, this former meat lover has switched to some veggie replacements to reduce my sat fat intake. I have to admit i was stunned by how good they now are compared to the real deal. Even BACON..it's not perfect but pretty close" (X post)

"And yet I know someone who had a heart attack. They ate a ridiculous amount of red meat" (X post)

"My only advice would be to get your cholesterol and Apob checked too as a precaution. It may completely change your mindset. I had a heart attack at 45. Extremely fit and ate meat daily. High cholesterol. I never knew" (X post)

"Not everyone’s blood type can handle being a carnivore, I had a heart attack almost 4 weeks ago from eating too much meat my whole life (I’m 41, physical job, no vaccines) my cholesterol was off the charts. Pretty much have to be plant based from here on out" (X post)

"Meat is tricky. I think we also need fiber to live a long life. My coworker switched to almost all meat for 2 years and his mental & physical health seemed to improve dramatically but then he had a heart attack. He wasn't getting any fiber" (X post)

"Lean Mass Hper-responder here. 59 years old. I was on one meal a day, keto for 4 years. Developed Coronary artery disease with crippling angina 20 months ago. Did the research and did a 180-degree turn going to a strict whole plant-based diet with zero oils, dairy, salt, caffeine, meat, fish, or alcohol. Cut LDL from 225 to 105 mmol/L in just the first 3 weeks. After 3 months all angina symptoms were totally gone, and after 6 months blood pressure was then down to 120/80. Twenty months later today not only have I halted the disease process but clearly reversed it as I can run 12 km with no chest pain. Today LDL 70 mmol/L" (Comment to YouTube video)

"So when I had my heart attack the dr said that I had three arteries that were clogged two that have been clogged for a while and the third one(major) clogged causing my attack. That being said will carnivore clear your arteries out? Not asking will it unclog the two that are but will it clean the others?" (CarnivoreCringe)

"Hello new here. Was recently diagnosed with pretty severe coronary artery disease. Everywhere | look all you hear is to go plant based/veggie only when you have CAD. Problem is | HATE veggies. I'm a carnivore. Always have been." (CarnivoreCringe)

"Heavy meat eater Charles R. Poliquin, World Renowned Strength Coach, Has Died At Age 57 from a heart attack" (YouTube)

"All my inflammatory markers were normal, but my LDL-C was 300, I had blockages everywhere!" (X post)

These "testimonials" are from people following a low carbohydrate or carnivore diet (LC-CD), who have suffered a heart attack or stroke. They don't prove anything by themselves - make of them what you will. Seen a similar report? Email (llicit at llicit.com) the details and source for it to be added to this growing list.