Random post

This is a post exploring the new Gutenberg editor in WordPress and seeing how it can be used to include videos, Spotify songs, posts from Twitter and Facebook and the like …

If you liked Guns, Germs and Steel …

Jared Diamond’s classic Guns, Germs and Steel : a short history of everybody for the last 13,000years explores why human history unfolded so differently in different parts of the globe. A more recent take on this, but focussing more on the way geography has influenced human civilisation, is Lewis Dartnell’s 2019 Origins : how the earth made us.… Read More »

Ideal online shopping

Consider Store A. You select an item, click on PayPal or similar payment gateway, log in automatically via a password manager such as LastPass, confirm, and that’s it. The store gets the shipping and contact details from PayPal so there is no requirement to enter them yourself. Quick and easy so a grade of A. Now consider Store… Read More »

What about the fructose in fruit?

There is much consternation about carbohydrates in our diets, including fructose. But what actually happens when people eat a lot of fructose but in the form of fruit? In one experiment, people were asked to eat twenty – yes 20! – servings of fruit each day for 3 to 6 months. Despite the extraordinarily high fructose content, investigators… Read More »