Red face after drinking may signal 4x heart disease risk / New Scientist
🍷... Flush may be a bust. #011

How long do health influencers live? / YouTube
👴... 15 min on how well their approaches actually worked personally. #010

Humans are all more closely related than we commonly think / Scientific American
🧬... related to royalty? so is everyone else. #009

The global mass of farm animals is now 22 times the weight of all wild animals / National Food Strategy
🌿... burgers trump biodiversity. #008

Obese adults 13x times more likely to get type II diabetes, and 2x for heart disease, asthma, arthritis and depression / PLOS ONE
💀... keep an eye on your BMI. #007

The average life lasts just 4000 weeks (and you have less if you can read this) / The Guardian
⌛... major memento mori. #006

A simple remedy against choking under pressure / Neuroscience News
😌... a handy squeeze to relax. #005

How to want less : the secret to satisfaction has nothing to do with achievement, money, or stuff / The Atlantic
🐒... entertaining & illuminating. #004

Blocking the cancer metastasis enzyme MMP-9 with beans and chickpeas / YouTube (6 min)
🐤... good for human beans :) . #003

Neither Wasabi nor Wahabi - understanding the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi / YouTube (8 min)
🏯... not too hot, not too strict, just right. #002

The "Custom Chrome" extension allows you to easily manage your browser extensions / TechSpoonful
💤... quickly enable / disable extensions. #001